Translucent Concrete

Concrete has been Used since Roman times, but its basic components have remained the same. Just a few decades ago Concrete was often misunderstood, disliked and captured by its fixed image due to one rapid urbanization of the 1960’s. But since that time, concrete has made considerable progress, not only in technical terms but also in aesthetic terms.

It is no longer one heavy, cola and grey material of the past-, it has become aesthetic and lively.
Transparent Concrete was originally developed in 2001 by a Hungarian architect Aronlosonzi by using glass fibres. Transparent Concrete is produced by mixing 4% to 5% [by volume] optical fibres in one Concrete mixture. This Transparent Concrete has less weight compared to original Concrete.

The materials used in manufacturing this Concrete is cement, sand, water and optical fibres. Transparent Concrete uses sunlight as a source of light instead of electrical energy and reduces power consumption. This Concrete can also be used in cold countries to transmit heat with sunlight. The main advantage of transparent concrete is that it can transmit light and can be used to make green buildings. since it can transmit light from natural as well as artificial sources. The building can have fewer lights to meet its demand for lighting and is thus energy efficient.

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