Things That Aspiring Interior Designers Should Know About

One of the most sought-after professions in India today is interior designing. The number of city dwellers are increasing day by day. As a result, the usable spaces are shrinking correspondingly. It is imperative to use the available space efficiently and make it functional yet spiffy. The standard of living in the subcontinent is increasing, particularly in urban areas. The mindset of the younger generation is also changing with time. So, interior designing is becoming an independent field. It is coming out of the shadows of civil engineering and architecture. The country is in dire need of more interior designers than it can produce. Construction firms and residential or commercial designing agencies are searching for new knowledgeable youngsters. If you want to take it up as a career, then there are some things you should know.

More and more people are becoming highly conscious about the way they decorate their spaces, the demand for good interior designers has gone up. If you want to step ahead in the interior design industry then not only individual residences but also commercial, hospitality, retail industries are in a dire need of expert’s advice in art, architecture, interior design, furniture, décor trends and technology. But first, to give you the edge, we are bringing to you some insider tips :

1. The decoration isn’t designing:

Yes, it is possible that you’re the best there when it comes to color or texture selection. There is no one better than you in the placement of home décor objects. You received a lot of appreciation for your decoration skills, but you have to hold your horses here. You should know that an Architect and interior designer isn’t just a decorator. You shouldn’t let your hopes down because you can learn the more intricate knowledge of interior designing. Education is what sets apart a designer from a decorator. Consider an internship because it is important to learn skills, to work with team to understand seasonality.

2. Designing isn’t the only thing:

Interior designing doesn’t encompass only the concepts of designing. Best interior design companies are seeking young minds that are good with space design, technical drawing, material knowledge, etc. However, you also need to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills too. After all, you need to maintain a network of clients, contractors, and suppliers. You also need to have the brains to market your designs and update them periodically.

3. High demand:

The scope of interior designing is high in India since the growth rate of the industry is massive. Recruitment companies are in dire need of new and fresh ideas. Talent is the nucleus of this career. You need to have unique ideas about designing/strong designing skills if you want to stand out. The competition in industry is very high. It is the best time for you to delve into this profession because with dedication, commitment, hard work and creative and technical skills, it is possible to be always high on demand.

4. Massively rewarding:

Like most other career paths, you will have to start slow. You may not even get a paycheck that you will appreciate. Though, with every project you complete, you gain experience. Once you have enough of it, you will be one of the Best interior designers. If you look into the monthly income rates of designers, you will be able to get a clearer picture.

5. Specializations:

Interior designing doesn’t comprise only living spaces of residential buildings. You can design the specifications of a corporate office. You will handle projects for healthcare and retail, hotels, resorts, cafes, etc. A lot of industries out there need interior designers. You have the chance to become a specialist in your genre. Commercial interior designers naturally earn the title of being an expert.

6. Not compulsory:

One thing may come to you as a surprise, and that is the need for formal education. To join corporate interior design companies you don’t require formal training. While it is a desired factor, most employers look into your background, portfolio, creativity and people skills. Formal degrees can be beneficial, and no one is asking you to avoid earning one.

7. Not boring at all:

If you enjoy beautifying an enclosed space, then the task of an interior designer won’t be annoying for you. Even if you work for a firm, you will be moving around more than a regular office goer. You will be meeting clients, contractors, suppliers, and other professionals. If you despise boring office jobs, then you should definitely start a course in interior designing.

You will get a hang:

By working at interior designing firms, you will gain enough reputation to launch your own business. For that purpose, you’ll need to handle a lot of projects and reach the pinnacle of your specialization. When you spend years working hard and build a strong network, you will become your own master.

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