Shape Shell Cladding Panels

Shape shell composite panel is an extraordinary invention in the world of architectural materials that features structural strength, light weight and the ability to add textures over a woven fibre and resin substrate. The essence of its construction is a matrix of structural fibre reinforcement in a polymer binder tailored and enhanced to address the core needs of the building industry. It is available in both standard flat panels as well as a free form version that can be produced in the most complex of shapes. With its unique monochrome construction that eliminates the need for the separate support structure, it allows large spans, that are not possible with more conventional panel cladding possible.

  • The key strength of this material is to absorb impact during an extreme event (e.g.. hail storm) and return to its original shape without memory or fatigue which makes it Impact Resistant.
  • It is a chemically resistant, inert and non-conductive material. It will not react with other materials and for this reason, it provides a perfect substrate for any paint or surface preparation without any corrosion.
  • Lightweight, stiff structures built to the highest level of accuracy allows maximum off-site manufacturing. Elements come to site in sections up to 12m in length. Lightweight means easy and safe handling which makes installation simple.
  • The embodied energy is low due to the materials being;
    • Durable
    • Recyclable
    • More options for manufacture with recycled materials
    • Lower carbon miles due to lightweight structuring.

Its monochrome infused construction method creates a single unit with reinforcement as part of the base structure and not an add on.

  • This combination of lightweight structure and stiffness outperforms most other materials including steel, aluminium, timber and cement when used in the same application.

The substrate is guaranteed for 50 years and up to 25 years for the surface finish (including gloss retention).

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