Quick Hacks to be Followed in Home Interior Design

Good mood board and inspirational images are what people tend to look for when it comes to home design. Reality is that an Interior designing firm can replace the ease of making the room come together fast and on a budget.

Our years of designing experience and longstanding relationships with the leading vendors in the industry ensure that our clients have access to quality at the right price point. The price is one primary consideration, we bring it to you the best design hacks used time and again for a quick room makeover by many best interior design companies in India for Home Interior Design.

Quick hacks to be followed in Home Interior Design:

Focus on a Focal Wall

Focusing on one or two areas in your space is always recommended by interior designers. Do you love colour? Let everything pop up, by painting one wall with your favourite colour. Do you love texture? Add some appeal by creating a statement wall. Different elements like wood strips, textured wallpapers, vinyl cladding, face brick panel can be used to enhance your room and make things look richer.

Consider Coffee Table Accessories

Get an innovative look on the coffee table by picking a trey that is a different material from the table. Fill the tray with succulent, coffee table book, decorative items and more. To add more of a layered look one can use different heights and textures.

Slipcovers and Pillows: Our Best Friends

A single sofa colour can make a room too busy and might seem like throwing things into disarray. Opt for a neutral slipcover to inject personality of fun with colourful pillows, pick up on the wall colour, the rug or maybe even an artwork. Mix the patterns, for instance, a solid and a geometric or ikat; keeping the colourways somewhat cohesive.

Professional-Looking Gallery Wall

The super easy, inexpensive way to fill up a wall is by incorporating your art, family photos and other cute knick-knacks from around the house.

Buy a New Rug

Buying a small rug for your space is one major design mistake. The carpet should go underneath at least the front legs of the furniture pieces. The room looks choppy and smaller when it’s floating out in the middle, so better ground space with a nice big rug.

Home Fragrance

Fragrances, thanks to their ability to remain impressed in memory for longer than other sensory experiences have a strong evocative power. Home fragrances aim to create the perfect relationship between the environment and the consumer by exploiting the multi-sensorial impact that a place can inspire. Invest in good home fragrance in your entrance foyer, living room or even in your master bedroom.

Shop Your Home

The one important step before shopping is to take stock of what you already own. Taking a second look at the hidden away pieces from the closet and at times rearranging pieces from other rooms in a new space might get the work done of feeling different and updated.


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