Pollution Absorbing Bricks

With the endlessly increasing air pollution in cities, it is getting harder for the inhabitants to even breathe. Along with cities, pollution is also killing the environment of rural areas badly.  To make a contribution in the betterment of air to live healthy, breathing bricks have been discovered. Buildings that help alleviate this problem are all in rage by Architects and Designers as well. These bricks are invented to allow buildings to play a more active role in pulling the pollutants from the environment and is inspired from the concept of dust sucking vacuum cleaner. These are designed to become a part of a buildings regular ventilation system.

Breathing Brick does not require any energy to operate as it works with pressure and temperature differentials. The system is a passive method of improving indoor air quality as well as an elegant load-bearing exterior wall assembly that can be customized or mass-produced based on the application. Breathe Brick is optimal for one- or two-story structures in areas with poor air quality till now but researchers have been working on making it functional on a larger scale. These bricks are laid using a technique where the double layered facade of the specialized bricks is laid on the outside, complemented by a standard internal layer which provides insulation.

At the centre of the breathing brick’s function is cyclone filtration, an idea borrowed from modern vacuum cleaners which separates out the heavy pollutant particles from the air and drops them into a removable hopper at the base of the wall. These bricks breathe in the pollutants from the air and in return, release filtered fresh air. According to tests, it is proven that it can filter up to 30% fine particle pollutants and 100% coarse particles as per dust.  If used more in upcoming constructions, these can be very functional, useful and environmentally friendly to create a healthier tomorrow.

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