Affordable Interior Design Resolutions for Everyone in the Year 2019

Start 2019 with an extended New Year resolution. This New Year doesn’t only need to be new you for gym memberships and budget resolutions, but it can also extend to your interiors. Well isn’t this the right time to turn on the calendar year as an opportunity to look at our home in an entirely new light?

Well, if you feel that a new look to your home will make the year bright, here are easy to follow Affordable Interior Design Resolutions worth trying in 2019. Believe us; you don’t need to be an expert to tackle them all at once. What we suggest is to read over to choose the right one or two things that will help give your home a fresh look for the New Year without breaking the bank.

Let’s start with our Affordable Interior Design Resolutions 2019:

Refresh your layout:

The best tip as it doesn’t cost you a thing. Refreshing your plan is as simple as rearranging the furniture, breaking the existing layout configurations to try out new furniture layout configurations. Is the room in your home feeling stale? Start rearranging and breathe new life into space.

It depends on how optimally one can think with the existing furniture. So don’t limit yourself to the current room’s furniture inventory. Consider the overall room of the home by taking overlooked furniture and start giving it a new look.

Go with a Neutral colour:

Texture paint is the thing of the past and has successfully been replaced with more neutral shades of paints. Warmer pastel shades with bold accents are in and they are here to stay.

If it’s more of a permanent move, then consider painting an accent wall or adding an accent piece of furniture. Painting a wall costs less compared to other design elements. Get a decent slipcover and transform your existing furniture into an accent piece.

Make a statement:

To change a room on large, a single eye-catching statement piece gets the work done. Many simple architectural elements like built-ins or a fireplace are perfect to have at your disposal. Even one can create an eye-catching statement piece with pieces of wall art, a sizable mirror or even a great rug.

It’s all about having a creative visual interest. If you are planning to buy your statement item, then remember that plenty of low-cost methods like second-hand shopping will help you without breaking the bank.

Edit your design:

It is one of the best free of cost tip. One of the best things about being an architect and interior designer in Mumbai is that we make the tough decisions of whether or not a design element is adding value to our clients.

But for many, this is a difficult decision to make which can only get comfortable with practising a little judgment-free editing. Before starting with this, consider the function of the room first as this will help in identifying the main functional elements in place. Now find the remaining components to decide on whether each item adds value to the room or not.

New Year means a fresh start and an opportunity for most of us. While most of us think about healthy eating and smart spending habits, there is no reason why your goals for the New Year can’t extend to your décor. So, get ready and try one of these Affordable Interior Design Resolutions for 2019.


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