A Step Towards Future: Climate Tiles

Climate tiles are an innovation for the upcoming future of cities. It reintroduces the natural water circuit in existing cities through a simple process that manages the rainwater from the roof and sidewalks and ensures that the water runs to the right place for plants or water banks. It can catch and redirect 30% of the projected extra rainwater coming due to climate change, and thereby prevent overloads within the existing drainage infrastructure. These tiles promise to help in the reduction of flooding in cities hit by increased rainfall due to climate change.

Designed to be used alongside or instead of existing sidewalks, the tiles are peppered with a system of holes, tunnels and ridges. These collect and manage rainwater, funnelling it away from sidewalks where it can cause damage to more preferred use like irrigating nearby planters and other possible greenness. The tiles serve as a supplement to existing drainage systems, easing the stress on sewers at a time when some cities are recording record rainfall. This is a solution that can ease the problems with rainwater that cannot get away, whilst creating more urban nature in our grey concrete streets.

Water that passes into the tiles through small holes in their surface can be directed towards a managing unit. The unit can store, delay, divert and percolate the water if it needs treatment. As these tiles are used for the paving system, this transforms the formerly grey road verge into a green strip with trees and other plantings whereas the feature not only enhances the mood of passers-by but creates an improved microclimate.

Climate tiles represent an exciting approach to climate adaptation and urban development, where the two things are merged into one scalable system and this works in the best favour of the environment as well as maintaining aesthetics and livelihood.

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