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How to Achieve A Minimalist but Luxurious Interior Design

Gone are the days where house owners gathered trinkets that could fill up a few rooms in their homes. Modern homes today are the futurist catalogue with crisp and clean walls and minimalistic furniture. Today cutting down of single-purpose furniture has become the latest trends. Custom home builders building minimalistic paradise are now getting more […]

Shape Shell Cladding Panels

Shape shell composite panel is an extraordinary invention in the world of architectural materials that features structural strength, light weight and the ability to add textures over a woven fibre and resin substrate. The essence of its construction is a matrix of structural fibre reinforcement in a polymer binder tailored and enhanced to address the core needs […]

Pollution Absorbing Bricks

With the endlessly increasing air pollution in cities, it is getting harder for the inhabitants to even breathe. Along with cities, pollution is also killing the environment of rural areas badly.  To make a contribution in the betterment of air to live healthy, breathing bricks have been discovered. Buildings that help alleviate this problem are […]

Metal Ornamentation in Architecture

Creativity is never restricted by our pragmatic, solutions-driven work ethics. Metal Screens allows unique ways of adding an element of vibrancy to any interior exterior architecture. Metal screens have a wide range of application in Interior design, stage designs, exhibition and shop fittings, suspended ceilings, lighting outdoor advertising, flooring, free Standing sculptures etc. In architecture, […]

Translucent Concrete

Concrete has been Used since Roman times, but its basic components have remained the same. Just a few decades ago Concrete was often misunderstood, disliked and captured by its fixed image due to one rapid urbanization of the 1960’s. But since that time, concrete has made considerable progress, not only in technical terms but also […]

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